The Band

“I’d like to think that if AP Carter had had more time to think about it and work things out, the Carter Fanily would have been singing like the Broadcasters.” -Tim O’Brien

“The South Carolina Broadcasters are not just another group dipping into the deep pool of traditional music in hopes of being trendy. Nearly every facet of the group is subservient to the style of music they present. Hailing from Charleston, S.C., but with roots in the sacred Mt. Airy region, they are a three-piece group, comprising David Sheppard on guitar, Ivy Sheppard on fiddle and banjo and relative newcomer Sarah Osborne on banjo and guitar. They each provide vocals to create distinctive harmonies; in person, it sounds as if every member has just stepped from a dusty old 78 RPM platter, ready to sing again. With many similarities to the early Carter Family, the Broadcasters dig deep into traditional gospel numbers and old-time tunes that originated from the mountains of the Carolinas and Virginia. The Broadcasters tour constantly through the Southeast and across the country. And with each release, they become tighter, somehow closer to reaching the heart of the music they obviously love. The harmonies are crisp. The playing is tight. The music is raw and raucous, heartfelt and beautiful. They are the South Carolina Broadcasters, and they are what is great about old time music.” —Dan Schram INDY Weekly

Ivy Sheppard expresses herself in this world with music. It is the sounds of a bygone era that resonate so clearly in her soul. She had the great fortune to learn her banjo and fiddle stylings at the feet of the great Birchfield family of east Tennessee. Through dedication and persistence she and The Broadcasters work tirelessly to bring the music of her home to a new generation. Ivy can typically be found with a fiddle in her hands, or searching for a new venue for the band. She’s a Disc Jockey at legendary radio station, WPAQ 740AM, and is on the air Monday and Tuesday from 2-6pm.

Sarah Osborne feels most alive making this music. She grew up in the Piedmont of North Carolina, singing the gospel songs of her great grandmother. Sarah met her first banjo in the summer of 2012, and after some hesitation, fell head-over-heels in love. Her other passions include Tammy Wynette and biscuits from Snappy Lunch. She attends college classes when she has the time.

David Sheppard puts the drive in The Broadcasters sound. Like a freight train coming on down the line his style of playing gives The Broadcasters an unmistakable sound. Currently, his song writing knack is gaining the trio lots of attention. He is a world-renowned luthier and expert restorer of vintage acoustic instruments. Learn more about the shop here.